Sunday, 8 December 2013

Advent Book Quiz Day 8

Day eight of our festive quiz.

Today we have a classic children's book for you to identify.

Post your answer in the comments and, if you've only just joined us, don't forget to go back and catch up with days 1-7. There will be a prize for the person who can correctly identify the most authors and titles. Closing date is 1st January and the winner and answers will be revealed on 3rd January.

"Come on!" cried Mr Beaver, who was almost dancing with delight. "Come and see! This is a nasty knock for the Witch! It looks as if her power is already crumbling." 
"What do you mean, Mr Beaver?" panted Peter as they all scrambled up the steep bank of the valley together. 
"Didn't I tell you," answered Mr Beaver, "that she'd made it always winter and never Christmas? Didn't I tell you? Well, just come and see!" 
And then they were all at the top and did see. 
It was a sledge, and it was reindeer with bells on their harness. But they were far bigger than the Witch's reindeer, and they were not white but brown. And on the sledge sat a person whom everyone knew the moment they set eyes on him. He was a huge man in a bright red robe (bright as hollyberries) with a hood that had fur inside it and a great white beard that fell like a foamy waterfall over his chest. Everyone knew him because, though you see people of his sort only in Narnia, you see pictures of them and hear them talked about even in our world - the world on this side of the wardrobe door. But when you really see them in Narnia it is rather different. Some of the pictures of Father Christmas in our world make him look only funny and jolly. But now that the children actually stood looking at him they didn't find it quite like that. He was so big, and so glad, and so real, that they all became quite still. They felt very glad, but also solemn. 


  1. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by CS Lewis.

  2. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis


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