Thursday, 5 December 2013

Advent Book Quiz - Day 5

Day five of our festive quiz

A different mood in today's extract.

Identify author and title and post your answer as a comment below by 1st January (comments won't be published until the winner is announced on 3rd January). There is a prize for the person who correctly identifies the most authors and titles. It may even be a fabulous prize ;-)

He was bare and dead face-down on the scullery lino with blood round. the Christmas lights were on then off. You could change the speed those ones flashed at. Over and over you saw Him stretched out then the pitch dark with His computer screen still on. 
I started the greeting on account of all the presents under our tree and Him dead. Useless little presents always made me sad. I start for me then move on to everybody when I greet about the sad things. Her from Corran Road with all sons drowned off the boats. She bubbled till she lost an eye. I greet in heaves and my nose is running. 
I dropped the Silk Cut and it burned to the filter on a varnished floorboard. I stopped the greeting cause I couldn't breathe and was perished cold. I slowed down the speed of the flashing Christmas tree lights. I put on the scullery light then the immersion heater then the bar fire but I didn't put a record on.  


  1. Morvern Callar by Alan Warner

  2. Yes! The first one I've had any idea about! It's Morvern Caller by Alan Warner!!!


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