Sunday, 22 December 2013

Advent Book Quiz Day 22

Day twenty-two of our festive quiz

Only three more days to go! Don't forget to catch up with any days you've missed - you have until 1st January to submit your answers as comments on each days post. The winner and answers will be revealed on 3rd January. 

The next three days were busy ones for the ladies at Flint Cottage. Red-berried holly, pale mistletoe and glossy ivy were collected and used to decorate the living-room. Two red candles stood one at each end of the mantelpiece, and a holly garland hung from the brass knocker on the front door. 
The cake was iced, the pudding fetched down from the top shelf in the pantry, the mincemeat jar stood ready for the pies and a trifle was made. One of Mrs Pringle's chickens arrived ready for the table, and sausage meat came from the butcher. 
Margaret crept away privately while Mary was bringing in logs from the woodshed, and wrapped up two pairs of sensible lisle stockings which she had bought in Caxley for her sister's present. Mary took advantage of Margaret's absence at the Post Office and swiftly wrapped up a pair of stout leather gloves and hid them in the second drawer of the bedroom chest. 
All Fairacre was abustle. Margaret and Mary helped to set up the Christmas crib in the chancel of St Patrick's church. The figures of Joseph, Mary and the Child, the shepherds and the wise men reappeared every year, standing in the straw provided by Mr Roberts the farmer, and lit with sombre beauty by discreetly placed electric lights. The children came in on their way from school to see this perennial scene, and never tired of looking. 
The sisters helped to decorate the church too. There were Christmas roses on the altar, their pearly beauty set off by sprigs of dark yew amidst the gleaming silverware. 


  1. "A Country Christmas," by Miss Read.

  2. "The House by the Dvina:A Russian Childhood," Eugenie Fraser.

  3. Village Christmas by Miss Read (Dora Saint) - in A Country Christmas and Christmas at Fairacre


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