Friday, 19 July 2013

Stromness Shopping Week

There will be anxious checking of the weather forecast this weekend as Stromness gets ready to celebrate the 65th Stromness Shopping Week which begins on Sunday 21st July.

As last year we'll try to give you a taste of the week's events through the blog. This year as well as the usual favourite events there will be a 65th Birthday Party on Friday 26th July. Copies of the Shopping Week programme with details of all events and competitions are on sale from local shops.

In the midst of all the excitement don't forget to pop in and visit us at the library - we've even got books to help you plan and make your fancy dress costume for Saturday night's parade!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Under Construction

We took a stroll to the Pier Head before work today to see how the work on our new library is progressing. We thought you might like to have a look too...

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Creepy House

Apologies for our extended silence, some of us have been on holiday and with the excitement of the St Magnus Festival, June just flew by.

Here we are in July and the start of the school summer holidays can only mean one thing - the start of the  library Summer Reading Challenge 2013.

This year young readers are invited to join a gang of explorers as they discover the secrets of the Creepy House - collecting stickers as they read books from the library and adding them to their own special Creepy House fold-out poster. 

There are three floors of the house to explore and for every two books read there are stickers to complete one of the three stages:

Stage 1: The Awful Upstairs, 
Stage 2: The Gruesome Ground Floor 
Stage 3: The Spine-tingling Cellar. 

Read six books over the summer to collect all the stickers and complete all three levels -  you'll also get a certificate at the closing event in Kirkwall Library on Saturday 17th August. 

The stickers have special codes which will unlock extra features on the Creepy House website  . On the website you can share your favourite books, send messages, meet some famous authors, and even enter a competition to complete a short story started by a famous author  and win fabulous prizes.

Are you brave enough to enter the Creepy House? Beware -  those stinky stickers really are smelly!*

* No really, they are. We have to store them in a special sealed box and wear hazmat suits to handle them**

** Okay we may be exaggerating a bit -  but they are really pongy