Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Reading Group

Once a month, on the very last Wednesday to be precise, a group of intrepid readers meet to discuss a different literary delight which they have all read - and sometimes even enjoyed! We are a small and friendly group who enjoy a wide and varied diet of fiction, both contemporary and classical, non-fiction and even the odd helping of poetry - all washed down with steaming mugs of tea or coffee (sometimes there are even biscuits on special occasions). This month we will be discussing Love on the Dole by Walter Greenwood, and will meet tomorrow night, Wednesday 24th November at 7pm. We are always delighted to have new members so do come along and join us - we are currently compiling our list of titles for next year so if there's a book you've always wanted to share your love for, or find an excuse to get around to reading, then now is your chance.

Published in 1933  Love on the Dole is a classic novel of working class poverty in northern England in the nineteen thirties, drawn from the author's own experiences, as the introduction to the Vintage Classics edition tells us that Greenwood himself never earned 'more than thirty-five shillings a week' and 'was on the "dole" at least three times'. In keeping with the theme of the novel and the current state of the nation we can confirm that there will definitely be no biscuits at this meeting - we would kindly request that those who borrowed the library copies of the book refrain from pawning them, as we would really like them back please (though you may be forgiven if you buy biscuits with the proceeds, but only if you share!).

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Setting Out

Thinking it was about time Stromness Library joined the main Orkney Library and Archive in cyber space we decided a blog was the ideal way to claim our very own cosy corner of the web. But what to write?

We have to admit to the tiniest touch of stage fright following our decision, so we prey your indulgence as our initial postings may well involve a degree of “previously on …” style catching up with events we were too excited/overwhelmed/disorganised to record at the time. 

It feels like we’re embarking on a journey into the unknown and like a trip along the street in Stromness, you never know who you might meet on the way!