Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Advent Book Quiz Day 24

Christmas Eve!

Well here we are folks, only a day to go before our final festive book extract! 

Stromness library is open today from 1-4pm and then we will close for the holidays, opening again on Friday 3rd January at 2pm. 

We would like to wish all our readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

We hope you have enjoyed our advent quiz -  don't forget to submit your answers, by commenting on each day's post, by 1st January. Comments won't be published until we announce the answers, and winner, when the library re-opens on Friday 3rd January. 

Good Luck!

The tailor lay ill for three days and nights; and then it was Christmas Eve, and very late at night. The moon climbed up over the roofs and chimneys, and looked down over the gateway into College Court. There were no lights in the windows, nor any sound in the houses; all the city of Gloucester was fast asleep under the snow.   
And still Simpkin wanted his mice, he mewed as he stood beside the four-post bed. 
But it is in the old story that all the beasts can talk, in the night between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in the morning (though there are very few folk that can hear them, or know what it is that they say). 
When the Cathedral clock struck twelve there was an answer - like an echo of the chimes - and Simpkin heard it, and came out of the tailor's door, and wandered about in the snow. 
From all the roofs and gables and old wooden houses in Gloucester came a thousand merry voices singing the old Christmas rhymes - all the old songs that ever I heard of, and some that I don't know, like Whittington's bells. 

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