Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Advent Book Quiz Day 11

Day eleven of our festive quiz

Another title with a local author for you to identify today. 

Enter the author and title as a comment to this post, comments won't be published until we reveal the winner, and answers, on 3rd January. You've got until 1st January to enter, so don't forget to go back and catch up with any earlier posts that you missed, and come back tomorrow for another festive extract. 

I lock the door and put the toilet seat down. There's a smell of antiseptic in the room that makes you think of hospitals. I bet they scrubbed it to get rid of the smell of sick. How come Danny never mentioned to me about Laetitia bein sick?  About her bein pregnant? I imagine her sittin on this seat doin a pregnancy test. 
I wonder when they all knew. I suppose the last time I really seen Danny properly was at Christmas, when my ma persuaded him to come hame for the day. A truce was called. It was like him and my da were walkin on eggshells round about one another the whole day. I felt sorry for my ma, she'd went to such a lot a trouble, cooked the biggest turkey I've ever saw. 
I felt like Tiny Tim, Danny says. 
And my da says, Does that make me Bob Cratchit? 
Who's he? Danny says. And it was obvious my da thought he was takin the piss. But I don't think he was; he really hadny heard a Bob Cratchit. They hardly said a word to one another after that. I found my ma in the kitchen later, takin big gulps a wine, lookin at the steamed-up window, wi tears pourin down her face. 
Christmas, she says. Peace and Goodwill to All Men. And she tipped up her glass and finished her wine in a oner. 


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