Sunday, 1 December 2013

Advent Book Quiz - Day 1

Day one of our Advent Book Quiz. 

Identify the source of the extract below and then post the author and title in comments. You have until January 1st to enter and there will be a prize for the person who correctly identifies the most books. The winner will be announced, along with the answers, on Friday January 3rd 2014.

Dusk was falling. The lights were on in the Christmas streets, thick snowflakes were dancing between the lamps. The streets were crowded with people. 
Among these busy persons were Papa and Joachim, who had gone into town to buy an Advent calendar. It was their last chance, because tomorrow would be the first of December. they were sold out at the newstand and in the big bookstore at the market. 
Joachim tugged his father's hand hard and pointed at a tiny shop window where a brightly coloured Advent calendar was leaning against a pile of books.


  1. To clarify, comments are moderated so won't be published, not that we think you would copy each other of course ;-)

    When the winner is announced we will publish the correct answer for each day along with all the entries.

  2. Jostein Gaarder: The Christmas Mystery

  3. The Christmas Mystery
    By Jostein Gaarder


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