Friday, 23 January 2015

Burn's Night

We don't know about you but by this point in January we are in need of a bit of a boost. 

The festive cheer is but a distant memory, as are our resolutions to stay out of the biscuit tin and start a detox/exercise plan/decluttering regime/self improvement scheme etc. So having a legitimate excuse to eat haggis and clapshot, munch shortbread, and drink whiskey is just what is needed to lift the spirits - if also accompanied by the reading of Robert Burn's poetry, some good fiddle tunes and perhaps even dancing we might even forget the howling wind and freezing rain outside!

So have a very happy Burn's night when it comes. We thought you might enjoy the following poem from the bard:

The Book Worms

Through and through the inspired leaves,
Ye maggots make your windings; 
But, oh! respect his lordships taste,
And spare his golden bindings.

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