Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Knitty Knit - for now!

Monday saw the last Yap and Yarn session of the season in Stromness Library -  the final session in Kirkwall library will take place next Monday (25th March). We marked the event with home baked biscuits, and we finally remembered to to take some photos of some of the projects members of the group have been working on over the weeks.

Yap and Yarn will start again in October, but in the meantime there is no need for woolly withdrawal symptoms, as you can still join our Facebook Group and pop in for a virtual yap and yarn (biscuits unfortunately will be virtual too - think of them as diet versions).

We would love to see your photos and hear how your projects are progressing, there will always be someone who can offer advice, tips or encouragement; who will understand your dilemmas over yarn or pattern choices;  and who will share your sense of triumph when you finally master that tricky new technique or complete that seemingly-never-ending project.

And for all the non-yarn-obsessed, you can enjoy a break from wool related posts - at least until the autumn ;-)

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