Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Author of the Month for July - Karin Alvtegen

We can all think of famous literary dynasties - the Bronte sisters, Kingsley and Martin Amis, AS Byatt and Margaret Drabble, The Brothers Grimm ... but when researching our author of the month we discovered another literary connection of which we were unaware. For Karin Alvtegen, award winning Swedish author of  psychological thrillers is the grand-niece of Astrid Lindgren, Swedish children's author, and creator of  Pippi Longstocking!

Whether there are any similarities in style between Alvtegen's Nordic Noir  and the adventures of Pippi Longstocking we will leave you to decide for yourselves.

Photo: Casia Bromberg


  1. My sister and I loved Pippy Longstocking. As children we emulated her - me by wearing pigtails and my sister by wearing stripey socks and tights.

  2. We thought about having a Pippi Longstocking inspired dress code this month, but without enough hair to make into pigtails we may have to settle for stripey socks or tights instead.

    Though this may go unnoticed with our legs hidden behind the desk so much of the time - in fact we could be wearing almost anything behind here!


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