Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Author of the Month for February - Nigel Tranter

Our featured author for February is Nigel Tranter who, during his 91 years, was the author of over 130 books of both fiction and non-fiction. He is perhaps best known for his  historical Scottish novels featuring such famous figures from Scotland's past as Mary Queen of Scots, Rob Roy MacGregor and William Wallace.

His non-fiction works included the five-volume title The Fortified House in Scotland, and I am pleased to say that the library has all five volumes of this title in addition to many of the novels.

While many of the earlier novels used their historical setting as a backdrop to the story, as Nigel Tranter became ever more emersed in his historical research, later titles made use of his immense well of knowledge to bring to life historical figures and the events in which they took part.

So whether you are interested in Scottish history or are just looking for a good story, come along  and borrow a Nigel Tranter title this month.

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